"Real people need your help to find the cure" Ella and Liz, our founders.
How we started:
Liz and her family were amazed. they thought that young CJ was reading a book, but he was really looking at a clock, reciting it outloud. She soon found out that her brother was diagnosed with autism. Ever since then, she has dreamed about this. And that dream came true with colors 4 a cure....

Hey guys! Thank you soooo much for visiting Colors 4 A Cure! We are so happy with all of the love and support. Did you know, that we are currently selling bracelets every weekend now? The bracelets will recieve some credit very soon; we will show you pictures ASAP!
Do you have any questions, comments, ideas,
or connections with autism, are  we doing a
good job? We love to hear  what you have to say! Tell us how you feel!!!!!!!

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